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Graphoto Design was created in 2015 as a part-time hobby. However, after getting to know realtors and providing photos to many people, I realized that there was a demand for quality work with a personal touch. In 2019, I jumped in and went full-time in Graphoto Design. It was a dream come true. 

We provide quality photos for real estate, commercial, and industrial areas as well as occasional restoration of old photos. One of the most exciting things we offer is drone technology that provides an overhead look of property, whether it is a house lot, acreage, or even a warehouse property. It is an amazing tool to see the big picture.

Both, my wife and I come from a long history of careers. I have worked in civil, structural, and marine engineering for 30 years. With a bachelor's degree in teaching and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction, my wife has been in education for over 30 years. My youngest son is a tech guru. He will be attending college soon working toward a degree in technology, and he loves working with video and editing. My oldest son has an associate's degree in natural science, however, he is continuing to work toward a bachelor's in environmental science. Our home is full of capable people. 

Much of the time my family is involved in the work of Graphoto Design. With a supportive wife that manages the organization of Graphoto Design (and looking forward to virtual staging), a son that edits the most amazing videos, a son that helps in any area needed, and with the blessings of God, Graphoto Design has become my life. In the near future, we are looking to add video tours and virtual staging. I look forward to working with those in need of our services. 

Bobby Lawrence

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