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Preparing Your/Client's House for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

A Real Estate Photo Shoot can be a little overwhelming. However, there are specific tasks or even a checklist an experienced photographer can provide.

If you follow these suggestions, the photographer can truly get the most in capturing the home. This helps sell the house faster. Unfortunately, when the house is not tidied or organized, some photos will be disappointing. In fact, some photographers charge additional fees for clean up as well as charging for re-shooting the house because of unpreparedness on the seller's part. After all, time is money for a photographer.

“Experienced photographers provide a checklist for house prepping before the photo shoot.”

Research shows that a house or property sells faster, when a real estate photographer is able to provide quality photos (Why You Cannot Ignore Professional Ph...). The link provided shares good information about statistics and reasons to use a real estate photographer. With quality pictures, virtual tours and slide shows provide buyers the opportunity to look at the house and determine their interest. Ultimately, the online pictures are the driving force to potential buyers, so make the best of your time with the photographer. The photographer can guide and support the real estate agent in giving the seller a checklist that describes tasks to be done before the shoot. Consequently, this not only gives the home a refresh for quality photos, but it also helps the realtor in having a clean house for showing the house to potential buyers.

House Prep Checklist for a Photo Shoot

Here is an example of a House Prep Checklist before the photo shoot.

Click below to view it.

Check List
Download • 273KB

By: Cindy Lawrence with Graphoto Design 2023

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